Day 11

  The partners exchange “thank you” gifts   Isabel Gerardo, the IP coordinator, takes the flags representing the partner countries   The Diplomas / Transcript of Records are presented to all the participants of the IP               Advertisements

Day 10

  “The faces of the city” for heritage education and citizenship Final Presentation     The food is a history: Bologna and gastronomy Final Presentation         Parks and Gardens Final Presentation     Bologna and Music. Paths through music and words Final Presentation            

Day 9

  The four groups spent the day working on their presentations and papers                

Day 8

  In the morning some participants of the IP visited “Il Parlamento dei bambini” – Children’s Parliament     Group Work in the afternoon            

Day 7

Visit to “Scuola dell’ Infanzia Irma Pedrielli”   The children show us some expressive dance / movement exercises they prepared       The music group visited the International Museum of Music   There the students observed a music workshop given by Linda Tesauro. The workshop was build upon the story of Pinnocchio. The children … Continue reading