Group Work


“The faces of the city” for heritage education and citizenship


“We want the children to discover everything what their city offers them. They have to meet the city in different point of views to become citizens who respect their past and their present. When children recognize their city they will appreciate it more and they will involve other children, other adults to respect the way of living in it. “

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The food is a history: Bologna and gastronomy


There is gastronomy and traditions that are linked to our identity, this is something that unites all of us. In our path we have to start by sharing the memories of our past related to the culinary traditions to promote mutual knowledge. The “who we are” and “who I am” in this world, must deal with a complex reality that has definitely expanded its borders and greatly increased the meetings.

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Parks and Gardens


“We aim to offer the children an environment where they get inspired and want to explore and investigate through their senses. According to Rissotto and Tonucci (2001, pgs 1-4) we need to let the children meet different spaces, like Parks and Gardens, which gives them the opportunity to interact in rich and stimulating environments to get the most of the interaction. By using the puppets we hope to involve them in the playful exploration of both parks. ” 

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Bologna and Music. Paths through music and words


The aim of our project was to make children able to develop the capacity of listen to themselves and the others, by using music as a tool, and in particular by using the different sounds that composed it. We tried to exploit the sound resources of the urban area that surround us everyday, but we are not aware of. By taking the children to listen, explore and reproduce sounds, they can acquire a major sensibility in relation with the pleasure of listen and make music, and also in relation with the possibility to be an active participant in the making process of improve this aspect of the city. 

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