Athina Van Doorslaer


Hello everyone!

My name is Athina and I’m 20 years old. I’m a student at the University of Brussels and currently I’m busy doing my final year of Preschool Education Studies. I really like studying children’s psychology, behavior and habits. That’s the reason why I chose Preschool Education Studies. At the moment I’m doing five weeks of intensive practical placement in a kindergarten. It is hard work but luckily, I like it a lot! After this education I want to start studying pedagogy in Louvain to become a teacher at a University.

At the moment I’m always very busy. Mostly, I spend my time making school assignments and preparing practical placements. During weekends, I try to make time for my friends with whom I like to go out for a drink or dinner. Throughout the summer, I will also be working with children. This job will consist of accompanying them to theme parks or other amusing activities.

When asked to describe myself, I tend to say that I’m spontaneous, happy and enthusiastic. When we were told about this program, I wanted to seize the opportunity right away. When I was young I already went on holiday to Italy but I’ve never been in Bologna before. I’m very excited to stay and study there for two weeks!

I’m looking forward to the IP because I’m eager to discover new cultures and their educational systems. Meeting new and interesting people also comes to mind when thinking about the IP. It will be a great opportunity to grow on different levels. When I get back in Belgium I hope I will be more broad-minded and creative due to this experience.


I’m excited to meet all of you!

See you in a month!

Athina Van Doorslaer
















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