Ellen De Gieter


Hi people! My name is Ellen De Gieter and I’m 22 years old. I live in Alsemberg and I’m a last year student of Pre-school and Primary Teacher Course (0-6 years) at the High School University in Brussels, Belgium.

I don’t really have a hobby, but what I love to do and really enjoy is to sing! I sing all the time and everywhere I can. I sing in the shower, in the car, at school, when I’m walking in the street, … EVERYWHERE! When we have to sing in class, my friends are always saying that the only one they hear is me. I do have some problems with my voice sometimes because of that, but I don’t mind. I really would like to go out and have some fun while doing a karaoke, but none of my friends wants to sing in public so… unfortunately still not done that.

What I also enjoy is go shopping, it’s a moment to relax! Unfortunately we do not have a lot of time of to do that, but sometimes it’s possible. I really love to shop! I shop most of the time by myself, then I have a lot of time just to surge around for all kinds of things just for me. I don’t have to look for someone else. But on the other hand I like to go out with my friends. Most of the time we go out to the city and have a drink while we spend some time talking. When the weather is good, I love to go out to the city and have a drink on a terrace for some more relaxation.

Besides shopping, singing and spending time with friends I also enjoy being close to my family.

This program will be a new experience and an adventure I hope. I hope to learn more about the way of teaching in other countries and to take a better look at the city of Bologna. I would like to take a lot of new experiences home with me and have a broader view at teaching beyond boundaries.


I’m looking forward to this new welcoming experience and also to make a lot of new friends.

Can’t wait to meet you all! See you soon!












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