Ingrid Mertens


Hello everybody!

My name is Ingrid and I’m 21 years old. I live in Belgium, a few minutes from Brussels with my lovely family. I live with my parents and my cat called ‘Wolf’.

At the moment I’m very busy: I’m in my last year of Preschool Education studies. As part of my last semester, we have 5 weeks of intensive practical placement in a kindergarten. The children are all 5 years old.
In addition to our practical placement we have to integrate our thesis. My thesis is about nature with young children. Last week we made a garden in our school, with daffodils for Easter.

I wish I had more time for relaxation, because our course is very time consuming. We’re always busy, but it’s a nice way to be busy. I like to make crafts for the children’s, things like board- and other games, instruments,…

During the summer I work at playground for 3, 4 and 5 year old children and I love going to lots of concerts.
We can learn so many great things from children. For example: always being able to laugh!

When I graduate I want to learn more about sewing and photography, two totally different things but very meaningful to me. My grandfather was a photographer, who took pictures which still inspire me. Everywhere I go, I would look through the lens and want to record what I see. It is the most beautiful reminder for me.

I would also like to travel a lot. I would really like to see the whole world, meet new people, cultures, traditions… I would choose not to go to hotels, I would like to stay in people’s homes or camp sites,… It will give me another view on life. I would learn more perspective, what’s very important to me. However this idea, to see whole the world is impossible I think.

But here is my first step in realising my dream: Bologna!


When I think about the IP, I think about the new people I will meet and the fun we will have. The new culture that I will be able to experience and the educational system that is so different from ours. And the country, I’ve never been in Italia before!

It is a great opportunity to be able to grow on different aspects. New relationships, new experiences, ideas, opinion sharing and working in group,…  I’m sure that I’ll learn different ways of looking at things, new ways of teaching and thinking.

I will be there with all my enthusiasm !!


I can’t wait to see you all !!

Ingrid Mertens














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