Agnese Lamarra

foto agnese ip

My name is Agnese, next week I’ll turn 24, and I’m attending the second (and finally last!) year of the master in Pedagogy at the University of Bologna. I live in a small town one hour away by train from Bologna, with my parents, my sister, a cat and a dog that I love!

In addition to studying I’m a chief scout, and every week I meet a group of boys and girls aged 12 to 16 years with the other components of the staff, and we organize and do lots of activity together (including some week-end on the hills near here and a summer camp of 14 days!). That’s a very significant commitment that takes up most of my time, but it fills me with great satisfaction!

When I have the possibility, I also make some substitutions in preschools, with the hope to be able to work in one of them once graduated.

This year, as required by my course of studies, I did an internship of two months at the pedagogical coordination of the city of Imola, not far from where I live, so I come from a challenging period, to which is added the examination session next week!

This does not mean that I can’t wait to participate to this IP, to live again an intense and beautiful experience and meet new people (and finally distract myself from the thought of the exams!)!

As I said, this is the third (and unfortunately last) IP, since I attended the Intensive Programme of Lisbon and of Borås. I can not describe how much I feel lucky to have had this opportunity! What can I say … an experience that is giving me a lot, to the point that my thesis will focus on this project, so innovative and important especially for people like me who are in full training and close to the very first job. In particular, the experience of Lisbon, where I could see a system substantially different from the italian one for the first time and also meet students of different nationalities, taught me the importance of knowing oneself well before devoting to someone else, while the one of Borås allowed me to observe the world “From a child perspective”. My expectations for Bologna? I’m very excited and I think we’ll have a great time, Bologna is a very beautiful historic city and I can’t wait to rediscover it with you!

I look forward to live this new experience and to meet you all(or to meet you again)!











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