Alberta Snelli


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My name is Alberta and I am 33 years old. I live in Rimini, a small city near the sea, very nice for its quaint old town, for the beach and for its sweet countryside.

After having done  several works, I decided to begin to work as a social and cultural educator and this choice gave me a lot of satisfaction, it’s really what I want to do in my life…Now, I’m missing three  exams to graduate.

Three  years ago  I became a “doctor clown” like a voluntary for an Association here in Rimin  and  I go once  a week to the hospital to take care of children and their families.  The last two years I start to take part of the equipe-group of the life-long learning of this Association, so we plain training for volunteers and also for  the hospital ‘s staff –   as doctors and nurses – who work together .

Now I’m working for one year in a community for mums with their children who have got social, psychological and economic disadvantages, sometimes they are also victims of cases of violence . This job allow me to learn so much things about the daily and complex and delicate work of the social educator, increasing my knowledge about the help- relation with women and also about the work with children who live in this situation.

I have a dog that I love very much and I like to go to the beach with it for  long walks, I love to take care of my garden, having fun with my friends, listening to good music,  dancing and meditating.

I am a girl full of interests, eclectic and creative.

For me, it’s the third time that I can take part  to this beautiful experience, last year we was in Boras e the year before in Lisbon. Both the experience was very particular and interesting, full of amazing thing to do, to learn, full of emotions , friendships, and I think that working in this way, in  a cooperate way, with teachers and student who come from other Nations , who have  different culture, it’s a very experience of growth ,   .

Particular in this year, I’m so excited  to can holding in our beautiful  Bologna  new and old friends, to live the city with a child prospective and discover more and more about my country.

I’m very happy to share with all of you this amazing opportunity!













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