Chiara Fanti



Hi everybody!!

I’m Chiara,  I’m 21 years old and I live in Forlì, a city far from Bologna, so I will take the train everyday!!!!

Anyway, I’m a girl who has a lot of hobbies: I love shopping (especially shoes and bags), skating, listening to music, playing guitar, singing and wrinting songs and poems. I think that everyone must have a full life to learn from all the things that the world gives us, and we must appreciate it…everything…to be happy.

Last year I took part to the IP in Sweden, so it will be my 2nd year with this amazing experience. I’m excited because in a few days you will know our countryside, our kind of life, our university, out traditions and customs…I hope you will like it and I wish we had fun together.

Who knows what the main theme of this IP will be… Surprise!!

However I promise I will support this task with diligence, energy and strength because I think it is really important the contribute and help of all of us.

So, voilà what I believe in and who I am in a few words….I hope you’ll have a good trip…


Big hugs,















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