Giorgia Olezzi




I’m Giorgia, I’m 28 years old and I live in a small town near Bologna, it isn’t exciting place but I like it because there is all my family: my mother, my uncles, my cousins, we are a big clan. I live alone since 2 years with my beautiful and crazy dog that I love. When I finished my studies in educational sciences, five years ago,  I started to work as a social educator in a structure dedicated to women and their children, who have got social, psychological and economic disadvantages, sometimes they are also victims of cases of violence. Today I became a coordinator of this centre and I’m very busy. This kind of work is very difficult and sometimes hard because everyday we are in contact with child’s pain and mother’s problems, even though it enriches me day by day. Nowadays I’m attending the second year of a Pedagogy degree. Study and work make tires me, but I find a little time for relaxing my self. En fact I play basketball twice a week with a team and I’m a basketball coach. I really love this sport and I like play it also with my friend during the summer in a playground. Most of the time I’m the only woman in the field, it’s amazing because guys are afraid for hurting me, but they forget that sometimes girls are more hard and bad than them!

Another thing that I love is to travel. There’s just one problem: the money!! Unluckily this hobby is sometimes too expensive for me.

Last year, I attended the IP of Borås, it was very nice experience. What we did and who we knew were the most important things about the program. With my group and observing other group works, I had the possibility to reflect about child perspective, the daily life in our cities, the place and the time dedicated to children, finally we analysed adult’s ideas about children’s needs, that sometimes do not coincide. I came back from Sweden with many new incentives, feelings, friends, desire and curiosity to attend the IP in Bologna.

Then what we are waiting for? I’m ready for this new adventure, I’m so happy because the program will let me discover Bologna better than I’ve done and meet other students like me, someone already known and someone to know.


See you soon!!
















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