Marta Salinaro


Hello everyone! I’m Marta,  I am 28, and I live near Bologna. I attended the IP in Lisbon two years ago, and I was very sad I could not participate last year in Borås, but I had just graduated form pre school teacher…

…but now I’m here! I’m attending the degree course in Pedagogy at the University of Bologna and I’m very excited to take part in the project this year!

It is very interesting for me to carry out the Programme in my city, Bologna, because I have the chance to live and study it from another point of view, in a pedagogical way and to be able to compare and share this experience with other cultures.

Capturing the emotions of places, arts, architectures, people and nature of my city, in a different way than how I live it every day, will make this work even more exciting.

It will be a great opportunity to experience the city space as a resource and not as a “non-places”, because Bologna has a great soul and I really hope that these two weeks of work will allow us to discover it!

Being the last year of the IP, I think it will be an important opportunity to draw the conclusions of this amazing experience and to identify new and innovative perspectives for the future.

I can’t wait to get started!













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