Silvia Bitelli


Hello everybody!

My name is Silvia and I am 32 years old. I live in Modena, a little town near Bologna, with my husband, my four cats and my dog, with which I spend the main part of my free time.

I am graduated in Modern Literature; for the last 4 years I have been working as a teacher of humanities in a private school, and for the last 2 I have been attending a new degree’s course for primary and nursery teachers at the University of Bologna. That is because, even if I like very much my work, it is very important for me to learn any new way  to communicate to children and young people.

I am very happy with my choice, because just in one year I had two chances:  I could participate in the last IP in Sweden, which let me discover how to work in a group and to construct projects and, moreover, I obtained an Erasmus Placement in Austria in a Waldorf school  (I have just came back!), which gave me a lot of new ideas and information about teaching and learning.

I am waiting with great interest this new IP, because, although I have kept on walking through the streets of Bologna for several years, I could not yet find some time to discover the city’s soul, and the idea of doing that through children’s eyes is really a great and useful opportunity!














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