Joana Pulido


My name is Joana Pulido and I’m 31 years of age. I’m from Portugal and I live in a small town named Pinhal Novo.

As a person I would describe myself as social and positive, with a great human interest.

Currently I am taking my master in preschool teaching and primary school teaching in Maria Ulrich College in Lisbon.

My journey began in Lisbon, where we saw beautiful neighbourhoods, continued in Borås where we saw a city full of pedagogical potential and will end this year in Bologna…

With this project my goal is to learn as much as I can new languages and cultures. I expect also that, with the possibility of crossing all opinions about education and the way of educating, I can improve my own opinion.

For me it has an unique meaning, it is a dream come true. It means sharing ideas and experiences to enrich my own personality and my pedagogical practice.

I’ll become a richer person.


Thank you and a big kiss to all of you.














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