Mafalda Silva



Hi everybody! My name is Mafalda Silva but my friends call me Maffy. I’m 21 years old, I live in Sintra and I’m a third year student of the Pre-School and Primary Teacher Course at Escola Superior de Educadores de Infância Maria Ulrich in Lisbon, Portugal.

I spend my free time with my hobbies. I absolutely love music and all the related preforming arts. I play the guitar, sing in a choir with many young people and children and I’m trying to learn to play the piano. With the choir I’ve already preformed in great stages of the country and participated in an operetta with the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos.  In the summer I usually work at summer camps, and I’m now helping elementary school children with their homework. Besides that, I love to watch a good movie, a good play, horseback riding and spend time with my friends.

It’s kind of odd to write about me. I know I don’t have an easy temperament but I love to meet new people, new cultures and make friends. There’s nothing better than spending time learning new things and sitting at a table all night long talking with friends and sharing.

For me, this program will be a new adventure (I love the idea) not only to learn more about education with the “pros”, but also to share my knowledge and to learn more from the experience of people of different cultures and new ways of working to create better citizens and individuals.

I’m trying not to create big expectations about the program because I want to absorb all that I can and don’t be distracted by expectations.

Thinking about this program makes me realize that there is still hope in this world, that we can become better and better with every single child we can reach and that I want for sure, to make that kind of a difference in this gigantic and marvelous world.

I’m anxious to meet you all

See you in May


Mafalda Silva











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