Camilla Bratt



Hi everyone!

My name is Camilla and I´m 36 years old. I live in Lerkil, a bit south from Gothenburg. I´m a creative, spontaneous person who lives by the saying: You can do anything, but not everything! When I´m not studying I enjoy spending time with my family. Just to be a part of my beautiful children’s life is just amazing.

I finished my Montessori education (children 0-6years) 12 years ago. I have been working at different preschools for about 9 years. In 2011 I started studying again, this time to become a traditional preschool teacher. I find it interesting and inspiring to be able to study again, in this profession you are never fully learned!

The intensive program in Bologna gives me a chance to be a part of a group were different cultures come together to work towards the same goal, to find pedagogical resources within urban places. I hope that all of us can be enriched by our different experiences and be able to get new ideas and theories by sharing thoughts and ideas.

I´m looking forward to be a part of this project! See you all soon.

Best regards Camilla










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