Ruth Van Wichelen


I am Ruth Van Wichelen. I will join the IP for the first time this edition.

I studied Nursery Education at the Arteveldehogeschool Gent, Bachelor of Graphic Design at Luca, School of Arts Gent and Master in Visual Arts/ Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp.

I have a fulltime job as a lecturer of artistic courses at the Hogeschool Universiteit Brussel (HUB): 50% Bachelor of Nursery Education, 50% Bachelor Secondary Education.

In the bachelor Nursery Education program students discover their own artistic possibilities and learn to teach small children how to explore themselves in a creative environment. HUB wants its students to know how to deal with diversity in a multicultural society and how different education systems work.

Through all my lectures I try to encourage students to get inspiration from what they see around them: in the city, in a museum, in the theatre, in nature,… and to use this as input for their own artistic output within the classroom. The classroom I see as a scène where different artistic discoveries can be used and integrated in all development-oriented activities.

In addition to the artistic program I participate into the expert-panel concerning socio-emotional development of the young child. For this purpose I took a one-year training-course in the Experiential and development-oriented child and adolescent psychotherapy. At this moment we are trying out a new psychodrama-based method improving the children’s emotional and social well-being, called ‘Het Toverbos’.

Next to teaching I work at the Operahouse De Munt in Brussels for the Service Education through the arts. Also I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.


Along with my students I look forward to take part in the IP. I stayed in Bologna last year during the Children’s Book Fair, to which I was invited by the Flemish Literature Fund. I experienced great moments with several illustrators and writers. I’m looking forward to meet Bologna in a nostalgic but different way.








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