Isabel Gerardo


My name is Isabel Gerardo and I am very pleased to be part of this exciting project by joining me to an excellent team of teachers and students.

I took my course of Pre-school Teacher 24 years ago, at ESEI Maria Ulrich. Over eight years, I worked with children of various ages, in different social realities by developing a diverse work experience.

Over the past 12 years I had the opportunity to join my school training, the ESEI Maria Ulrich, teaching Pedagogy in the education of future pre-school and primary teachers, and accumulating the functions of supervisory pedagogic practice. Since then I have been working on several positions including coordinator of the Erasmus program – Students and Teachers International Exchange (2004/2011), having as a partner of long standing, the Hogskolan in Borås, and more recently, Università of Bologna.

For years ago, I took a Masters in Art Education, specializing in a subject that I appreciate in childhood education: the importance of the nature in child’s global development.


As coordinator of this third and final year of the IP, I would like to welcome you to the program and leave this message to all participents: enjoy this fantastic trip that started in Lisbon, passed by Boras and will end in the beautiful city of Bologna, hoping the 15 days will  be filled with unforgettable experiences, newfriendships and so much to remember…


It’s a pleasure to return to Bologna where I was 3 years ago!

See you all in May!!!!


Isabel Gerardo
















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